Strategic Partners in this Area of Involvement can participate in different activities and working groups that focus on the development of Shop Order Pay Standards. Moreover, Strategic Partners may send senior level delegates to the Advisory Forum of the Shop Order Pay Standards Board, as well as send technical experts to any groups created by the Board where specific standards are developed.

Shop Order Pay Standards Strategic Partnerships Summary

The Shop Order Pay Standards Area of Involvement derives from one of the five management boards established by Resolution under the Passenger Standards Conference (PSC), which combines the activity of the Passenger Services Conference and Passenger Tariffs Conferences. The Passenger Standards brochure (pdf) outlines the conference structure as well as standards adoption and development procedures. 

Each management board is an airline-only group overseeing the strategy and direction of standards development and implementation within a specific business domain. The board has the autonomy to create and disband groups to work on specific areas of standards. Each board will also have an advisory forum, where Strategic Partners can meet with board member airlines to discuss issues around standards development and implementation.



The Shop Order Pay Standards Board manages the development of standards concerning any interaction between airlines and any other parties for the purpose of offering products and services, paying and confirming when such products or services are entitled to be received, and monitoring or reporting on the consumption of what has been ordered. This includes, but is not limited to, fare construction, currency, reservations, ticketing, and offer and order management standards. Working groups under each board may be created or disbanded by the board at any time, but an up-to-date list of active groups is available online. Access to meetings and working groups are subject to individual group terms of references.

Offer and Order Working Group

The Offer and Order working group is responsible for the offer and order management processes and associated business requirements (relating to IATA Resolutions 787 and 797) by which parties request and provide offers and confirm the creation of orders; or access and change order information.
Members of the group should have experience in development or product management of current NDC implementations and understand XML data structures and message orchestration. Members should also have expertise in existing fulfilment processes (reservations, ticketing), and understand downstream impacts to accounting processes (sales accounting, interline billing) and delivery processes (ticketing, DCS).

Order Payment Standards Working Group

The Order Payment Standards working group is responsible for order payments, settlement and accounting rules and regulations related to IATA resolutions, NDC payment, ONE Order and settlement with order standards, emerging forms of payments standards, development of financial payment standards related with customer payment, monitoring complex taxes within the industry and engagement with GDSs on payment related issues. Members of the group should have experience in airline passenger payment and distribution teams.

Pricing Automation Working Group

The Pricing Automation working group is responsible for fare construction, currency, mileage, fare and baggage selection. Members of the group should have experience in revenue management and pricing, rate desk, fare filing, distribution and/or e-commerce.

Reservation Working Group

The Reservations working group is responsible for processes by which parties confirm the creation of Passenger Name Records (PNRs); or access and change the PNR level. In addition, it is responsible for the processes by which parties can request or exchange information around reservation booking designator availability.
Members of the group should have experience in call centers, IT, message development (AIRIMP, EDIFACT, XML), distribution, distribution systems, e-commerce and/or business analysis.

Ticketing Working Group

The Ticketing working group is responsible for processes by which parties request or confirm the issuance of tickets and Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMDs); or access and change tickets and EMDs.
Members of the group should have experience in ticketing, operations and disruption, revenue management, EDIFACT messaging and/or distribution.

Note: Strategic Partners must join the Plan Standards, Shop Order Pay Standards, Settlement and Accounting Standards, Architecture & Technology, Common Use, Customer Experience & Facilitation, Ground Operations and/or Baggage Services areas of involvement in order to attend the Passenger Standards Conference as an observer. 

Focus Areas

  • Offer and Order management
  • Pricing
  • Reservations
  • Ticketing
  • Delivery

Designed For

  • Travel management companies
  • Online travel agencies
  • Global Distribution Systems (GDSs)
  • Technology providers

Please view the full list of Strategic Partnerships Program benefits (pdf).