China and North Asia's regional headquarters is based in Beijing and serves as a central point for IATA's member airlines in the region. The regional office also conducts government and industry affairs, promotes IATA's business products and services, prepares analysis and forecasting of developments in response to local policies.

The regional office provides essential support services for the Northern Asia area which includes People's Republic of China (PRC); Hong Kong (SAR), China; Macao (SAR) China; Chinese Taipei; State of Mongolia; and Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK).

China and North Asia Regional Priorities

  • Safety: Safety is our number one priority. IATA is cooperating with aviation authorities, airport authorities and member airlines in the region to implement a Runway Safety Toolkit, to promote IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operation ( ISAGO) and to continue the IOSA programme.
  • Environment: Promote and support the Green Team visits to the carriers in the region fro the fuel efficiency gap analysis, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and enhance operation efficiency. Promote the Carbon Offset Program among the carriers in the region.
  • Operations and Infrastructure: Implement route savings initiatives and ATM enehancements in the region, especially focusing on the Pearl River Delta region region airspace improvements, flexible entry exit points implementation and ATS route restructuring.
  • Settlement Systems: Working towards greater operational efficiency throughout the region in BSP's and CASS's. Specifically setting up a BSP in Mongolia and growing China CASS volume (UTP) by at least 50%.

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