The ability to transport cargo, cross border, over long distances in relatively short timeframes provides the industry with a clear distinctive market advantage compared with other modes. However, this advantage can only be truly realized if border procedures are integrated, automated and based on risk management principles.

IATA Cargo Border Management, through its activities in SecurityCustoms, Trade Facilitation and Capacity building is working with customs, International Organizations (ICAO, UN, WCO, WTO, among others), national regulators and trade facilitation NGOs to facilitate cross border trade and logistics while assisting air cargo industry’s stakeholders to develop and implement simplified and compliant processes and procedures.

  • Advocacy and lobbying

We conduct advocacy efforts with border agencies and international organizations to secure and facilitate cross-border trade. IATA CBM is for example directly represented at the World Customs Organization’s Private Sector Consultative Group, the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation, and the EU Trade Contact Group.

  • Standard setting and adoption

We help the air cargo community to operate safely, securely, and efficiently under clearly defined industry standards.

  • Consulting Services

We provide tailor-made solutions to support our air cargo industry stakeholders in improving profitability, efficiency, safety, and security.

IATA Cargo Border Management works with the Cargo Border Management Board (CBMB) and its Working Groups (Cargo Customs Working Group and Cargo Security Working Group) to exploit available trade facilitation opportunities and help air cargo stakeholders to operate in full compliance with global customs and security regulatory requirements.

The below map of the world shows the average days for the clearance of air cargo in international borders, from the arrival of the cargo by air at destination until handover to the consignee, period in which the customs clearance process generally takes place. Approximation based on 10.4 million shipments handled by Cargo iQ members between 1st January 2020 and 31st December 2020.


Cargo border management (CBM) strives to work with International Organizations (ICAO, UN, WCO, WTO, among others), national regulators, and industry stakeholders to define global procedures, regulations, and standards that recognize the need to safeguard passengers, crew, and cargo against acts of unlawful interference, balanced with the need to facilitate legitimate trade. Below you will find the CBM global footprint to get an overview of our activities by region.


IATA Cargo Border Management (CBM) Capacity Building works with airlines, airports, Civil Aviation Authorities, other governmental authorities, service providers, and aviation professionals around the globe. Our goal is to deliver consultancy and capacity building solutions.

Our team plays a leading role to support regulators and industry stakeholders in facing new global threats and challenges. We also work to simplify the business and improve security, safety, profitability and efficiency.

The Capacity Building catalogue (pdf) provides an overview of the consultancy services that we provide.  

Our experience

Some locations/clients that have benefited from IATA CBM Consulting Services:

Location – Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan
Project Description – Development of a Regulated Agent Compliance Program to assist our client, Asia Freight Ltd., to effectively ensure compliance with ICAO’s Regulated Agent Program while ensuring compliance with international standards.

“IATA specialists were fully devoted into the process during the lifetime of the project and provided high quality assistance. The Consulting Team has been in touch with us all the time in order to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the project. They checked existing policies and other related regulations in company for identification of any missing or incomplete documentation. The visit of our facilities also allowed to establish the necessary additions to the security measures for further improvement of the cargo security system. Employees of Asia Freight from the main regions of Kazakhstan were invited to attend a detailed and useful bespoke cargo secure supply chain awareness workshop.”
Asia Freight Ltd.

Location – Hanoi, Republic of Vietnam
Project Description – Implementation of mutual recognition between ICAO Known Consignor/Regulated Agent Program and WCO Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Program joint program by the WCO, the ICAO and IATA, supported by the Asian Development Bank, to assess Vietnam’s AEO program as well as the ability to create a Known Consignor/Regulated Agent air cargo security regime compliant with the WCO SAFE Framework and Annex 17 of the ICAO Chicago Convention and associated best practices.

Location – San Jose, Costa Rica
Project Description – Joint initiative by the World Bank, WCO, and IATA to assess Costa Rica’s readiness to implement the requirements set by the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement.

Want to learn more

Consult the Cargo Border Management Capacity Building Catalogue (pdf) or contact us