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30 November 2022

Case Study: WestJet focuses strategic expansion with Direct Data Solutions

Transitioning from a low-cost carrier (LCC) to a low-price premium service model, WestJet needed to understand market trends and needs to capture part of that market. Direct Data Solutions (DDS) provided key information to smoothly facilitate this strategic shift and optimize decision-making.

“DDS was like going from a calculator to a computer.”

The Canadian carrier WestJet used DDS to fine-tune their network expansion strategy with unprecedented precision. Read WestJet story with DDS.

How can DDS help your organization? 

  • Magnify the power of your decision-making – With unprecedented clarity and insight, you can better identify and calculate potential outcomes.
  • Limit risk – With access to the most complete picture, the margin for error on your decisions can be reduced.
  • Focus on what matters – By eliminating the need to gather and process additional data, you can concentrate on the value-added work of analyzing the information and developing strategies.

For more information, please visit: Direct Data Solutions (DDS)

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