The Airport Handling Manual (AHM) is your definitive source for the industry-approved policies and standards covering all facets of safe and efficient ground operations.

The AHM & the IATA Ground Operations Manual (IGOM) are now stand-alone, interdependent products which are also available as combos. The AHM is policy driven and focuses on “what to do”. The IGOM is procedure driven, focusing on “how to do”.

Industry approved ground operations standards

The only industry-approved standards for safe and efficient airport operations, and the reference for the latest ground handling policies and safety guidelines for above and below the wing operations. AHM also includes the only industry-recognized contract template, the Standard Ground Handling Agreement (SGHA) and the suggested template for Service Level Agreement (SLA).

By applying these standards, organizations benefit from:

  • Enhanced safety performance
  • Access to the best practices, reviewed, discussed and approved by fellow industry professionals from airlines, ground service providers and manufacturers
  • Get access to the latest fillable forms and checklist for audits, reporting, agreements and SLAs
  • Identify opportunities for applying the latest operating procedures and streamline ground operations

Who should use the AHM?

  • Airlines
  • Airports
  • Ground handlers


In the 40th edition of the AHM, the significant changes include:

  • New section of Loading System Restraints
  • Updated instructions for the communication between Loading Supervisor and Load Controller
  • New Standard Agreement for Subcontracting of services between services providers
  • New Guidelines for electric powered GSE and Training for GSE Maintenance
  • Enhancement and overhaul of the Training Program Management requirements for service providers


Tailor your order for your needs

The AHM and IGOM are available separately or as combos. You can select any number of combinations that meet your organization's requirements. Order using the links below (see Combos table).

You can benefit from Volume discounts on IGOM when purchasing the AHM & IGOM Combos: 10% discount for 5-9 units, 20% for 10-24 units, 30% for 25-99 units and 40% for 100 units or more. Contact our sales team for volume orders.

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The Windows format of the includes the SGHA, checklists and forms in Word or Excel formats.

The Mobile format is ideal for non-Windows PC devices (such as iOS and Android). However, unlike the “Windows” format, it does not include the SGHA, checklists and forms in Word or Excel formats.

Airport Handling Manual (AHM)
40th edition ** effective as of January 2020 **

English Formats

Book English $610
Book + Windows English $1,150
Windows English $600
Mobile English $600
​Floating License English ​$3,000

AHM and IGOM Combo
** effective as of January 2020 **

***IGOM effective as of April 2020***

Book English $720
Book + Windows English $1,360
Windows English $693
Mobile English $695

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