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The BIPAD Manual provides guidance on managing aircraft decommissioning in an economically sensible way, meeting all relevant regulations and avoiding safety and environmental risks.

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​For most airlines and other aircraft owners, limited experience is available on managing aircraft decommissioning as a controlled process. This is why IATA has developed guidance with a multi-stakeholder aircraft decommissioning industry group, composed of airlines, aircraft maintenance organizations, lessors, aircraft and engine manufacturers, disassembling, dismantling and recycling companies and their global association, AFRA, and parts traders.

IATA’s BIPAD manual is primarily addressed at aircraft owners and operators and is thus complementary to the AFRA Best Management Practices (BMP) designed for specialized aircraft dismantling and recycling companies.

The BIPAD manual covers all phases of the aircraft end-of-life process

  1. Decision to decommission an aircraft
  2. Selection of facilities
  3. Disassembly process
  4. Dismantling process
  5. Parts distribution and recertification


For each phase, the BIPAD manual considers, the economic, operational, regulatory, safety and environmental aspects.

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