Disruptions in aviation cost airlines and their customers up to $60 billion per year, or about 8% of worldwide airline revenue. In addition, customer loyalty is at stake.

IATA aims to assist aviation stakeholders by simplifying processes and increasing passenger convenience while reducing costs and improving efficiency. While most of these activities focus on regular operations, solutions must also be designed to address instances when flights are disrupted.

The Disruption Management Manual is the key reference for disruption management in aviation and a valuable guidebook for a wide range of professionals. It provides airlines, ground handlers and other aviation stakeholders a directory of guidelines and recommended practices that can support an efficient and seamless accommodation of customers during disruptions.

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The 1st edition of the DMM is the latest version of the manual. We recommend digital for its search feature and automatic updates.

2021 Disruption Management Manual

Edition: 1
Format: Digital
Language: English
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What's inside the DMM?
  • Provisions in case of delay, cancellation, denied boarding
  • Passenger claims and liability
  • Communication
  • Interline considerations on irregular operations (IROPs)
  • Provisions in case of baggage disruption
  • Best practices for IROPs handling during a pandemic

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How the DMM can help you?

Putting into practice IATA’s Disruption Management Manual will assist:


  • Efficiently accommodate passengers under disruption while ensuring a high degree of customer satisfaction
  • Increase competitiveness by restoring customer confidence and increasing loyalty
  • Follow best practices in passenger handling during disruptions and IROPS
  • Use resources effectively, improve efficiency and recovery time
  • Ensure consistency of measures and procedures
  • Follow guidelines on data privacy in relation to communication, customer contact information (CCI) and tracing of passengers


  • Reduce recovery time after IROPS
  • Increase understanding of procedures and measures taken by airlines to accommodate passengers during disruption
  • Optimize capacity and physical frames related to disruption

2021 Disruption Management Manual

Edition: 1
Format: Digital
Language: English
Regular Price: US $249