Emergency Response Best Practices

Billions of passengers each year rely on the airline industry to get to their destination safely. Their safe passage is due to the tireless efforts of industry stakeholders, both public and private. Working together, we have made aviation the safest form of long-distance travel. However, recent events remind us that this impressive safety record is still subject to the vagaries of chance. When an aircraft is lost, there is a strong need for mechanisms to deal with the aftermath.​

​Why the ERP Best Practices Handbook is essential?

The IATA Emergency Response Best practices Handbook is your one-stop shop with all the answers. It will equip you with the insight and necessary information to help you deal with all aspects of emergency response preparedness.

Developed by the IATA Emergency Response Planning Task Force, in collaboration with IATA member airlines, the handbook is the first of its kind. This guidance material provides operators with a wealth of critical information on the correct response to an incident.

Designed to give you the tools necessary to create an ERP department from the ground up, this guide is the first of its kind in the world. It is created to be a repository of information and will be continually updated and expanded as a knowledge resource on all aspects of emergency response.


  • Guidance on all the necessary steps to create an ERP department in ten chapters
  • Fully electronic version, allowing download and printing of selected sections
  • Instant updates right to your computer – if content changes, no need to update or download new sections; content is right there – automatically


The Emergency Response (ERP) Best Practices Handbook enables you to:

  • Create a robust emergency response plan, aligned with industry best practices
  • Benefit from lessons learned, improvements and best practices gained from live activations
  • Learn how to handle communications during a crisis situation
  • Navigate the intricacies of social media during an incident under the full glare of public scrutiny
  • Gain accurate and reliable resources to optimize your activation protocols

ERP Handbook Information (pdf)

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