IATA fuel guidance materials are standards developed by the IATA Technical Fuel Group in consultation with specialists to enhance safety in critical fuelling tasks.

  • Standard Into-Plane Fuelling Procedures: simplified and logically sequenced step-by-step approach to aircraft refueling covering the majority of aircraft in operation at airports worldwide.
  • Aviation Turbine Fuels Specifications: description of characteristics of Jet A-1, Jet A, TS-1 turbine fuels, providing a basis for purchasing specifications. In addition to composition, physical and chemical properties, also addressed are the issues of additives and cleanliness in fuel handling.
  • Investigating & Categorizing of Engine Fuel Filter Blockages: standard for the removal and analysis of the composition of engine fuel filters debris and their subsequent categorization. Results allow identifying the sources of problems affecting aircraft fuel systems.
  • Microbiological Contamination in Aircraft Fuel Tanks: preventive and curative practical guide for airline maintenance and oil companies personnel desiring to keep the problem of microbiological growth in check upstream of the aircraft fuel tanks is currently being revised. October 14th, 2021. Important notice: When considering listed test kits methods and biocides or any other relevant issue, users must always refer to the latest version of the OEM’s aircraft maintenance manual and relevant information messages issued by the OEMs.
  • Biojet Fuel Management: requirements and best practices for biojet fuel purchase, handling, and regulations - free download (pdf)

Rationalization & enhanced fuel safety

The IATA fuel guidelines provide an essential set of standards designed to ensure safe and efficient aircraft fuel handling and contribute to the training of fuelling operatives for oil companies or into-plane service providers.

Designed for:

  • Technical/Staff
  • Middle Managers
  • Managers/Supervisors

All guidelines can be bought online following the Buy online links below. This publication is free: download the guidance material for biojet fuel management (pdf)

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