IATA fuel servicing guidance materials are standards developed by the IATA Technical Fuel Group in collaboration with fuel industry experts to enhance safety in critical fueling tasks from the refinery process to the delivery of fuel into-plane. Fuel is a critical safety and cost factor for airline operations. These guidelines support best practices in fuel handling and address all challenges of the fuels eco-system.

Standardized & enhanced fuel safety

The IATA fuel guidance materials specifically address:  fuel specifications, sustainable aviation fuel, fuel quality standards, refueling procedures, supply-chain quality, aircraft fuel system design, fuel system maintenance.


Title Summary
Aviation Turbine Fuels Specifications Guidance Material This guidance material, developed by the IATA Specification Liaison Group, describes characteristics of Jet fuels specifications. Its content provides key recommendations for the understanding, handling, and training of fuels for airlines, fuel service providers and OEMs. In addition this document provides insights into composition, physical and chemical properties, and also addresses the issues of additives and cleanliness in fuel handling
Engine Fuel Filter Blockages - Investigation and Categorization Guidance Material This publication provides expert guidance for the removal and analysis of the composition of engine fuel filters debris and their subsequent categorization. Results allow identifying the sources of problems affecting aircraft fuel systems and ensuring key identification of root causes to ensure safe consistent ongoing operations

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Aviation Turbine Fuels Specifications Guidance Material

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Guidance Material Investigation and Categorization of Engine Fuel Filter Blockages (GMICEFFB)

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2023 IATA Technical Fuel Document Library (TFDL)

Edition: 1
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Language: English
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