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The Passenger Services Conference Resolution Manual (PSCRM), formerly called the Passenger Standards Conference Manual (PSCM), includes all resolutions and recommended practices that have been universally agreed upon by airlines to process passengers and baggage for both online and interline carriage.

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It includes procedures for reservations, passenger and baggage check-in and ticket issuance, specifications for baggage tag and ticketing, and various multilateral interline agreements and other passenger traffic-related regulations. It features standards related to New Distribution Capability and One Order (collectively Offer and Order Management) in support of the industry ambition to move to Airline Retailing for example the Airline Taxonomy of Offer Components.

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2024-2025 Passenger Services Conference Resolution Manual (PSCRM)

Edition: 44
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PSCRM Toolbox

In addition to the resolutions manual, you are also provided with a convenient toolbox containing several IATA important artefacts that supports the move to Offer and Order Management,  you will find important links to our Developer Portal and other resources. These links allow you to gain access to documentation related to the implementation of New Distribution Capabilities and One Order, collectively known as Enhanced and Simplified Distribution (EASD) under the provisions of Resolutions 787 and 797. These are essential documents and artefacts when implementing Offer and Order Management standards as all the technical specifications are included.

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Significant Changes and Amendments to the 44th edition (2024) of the IATA Passenger Services Conference Resolution Manual include:

  • Addition of reference point to WG maintaining the standard.
  • Aligned RP to reflect changes made to Resolution 755 on auto reflighting.
  • Amendedment Chapter 9.1 -  Includes “as expressed by a legislative act of the relevant government body.” to reduce the risk of recurrent changes due to fast evolving geopolitical environment.
  • Amendment of paragraphs 10.3.1, and 10.5.3 -  Add clarity and confirm process around a suspended ICH member.
  • Amendment to ext in Profile 7, 11, and 15 -  Improve clarity and eliminate ambiguity around Proof of Fault.
  • Changed the allocation of Form Code 19 from unassigned to Agency (BSP).
  • New, RP describes the Standards when Members introduce Product Management practices in their organizations from planning to offer creation, order creation, fulfillment and accounting.
  • New, RP establishes a standard practice for the business reference architecture model.
  • Updated and aligned resolution to include changes to processes relating to auto reflighting practices.
  • Updated RP to include the new CUSS improved environment, including removing obsolete technologies and increasing data security for a reduction in cybercrime.
  • Updated RP to maintain relevancy and align with evolving industry practices and technology.
  • Updated text in Recommended Practice 1761b to align with the Standard Schedules Information Manual (SSIM).