Fast, reliable perishable shipping is the backbone of the food and flower businesses. The improvements in perishable logistics means sensitive products like seafood or exotic houseplants are handled and transported appropriately to maintain shipment integrity.

Failures along the cold chain, which can be catastrophic for small businesses, are at times due to improper documentation, labeling or poor packaging. The PCR has all the up-to-date, best-practice and guidance information you need to develop loss-minimizing perishable shipping processes.

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What’s inside the PCR?​

  • Applicability (simplifying business and contractual considerations, shipper and carrier responsibilities, special conditions, compliance)
  • Government regulations (compliance, government regulations and laws, variations by country)
  • Carrier regulations (variations by carrier)
  • Perishable facts and types (types of perishables)
  • Packaging (air shipment requirements, package categories)
  • Perishables operations (quality and risk management, booking, acceptance, cargo and ground operations, delivery)
  • Documentation and labelling (waybill, cargo handling codes, captain notification, marking, labelling)
  • Traceability and tracking (general information, RFID)
  • Claims (types, how to inspect, how to study, check list)
  • CITES (guidelines for live plants, CITES parties, appendices, management authorities by country)
  • Air transport of cut flowers (maintaining quality in ornamentals, factors affecting post-harvest quality, post-harvest management, quality control, air transport logistics)

IATA Special Cargo Publications 2022 Erratum

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