Modernization of border controls goes hand in hand with risk assessment and advance identification of travelers, notably through the use of passenger data – Advance Passenger Information (API) and Passenger Name Record (PNR). IATA’s Secured and Simplified Borders (SSB) Manual is a practical guide for the efficient use of passenger data, integration of passenger data programs with air transport processes and the modernization of facilitation and border security tools and processes, such as travel authorizations, automated border control systems, travel document and digital identity.

All these programs and tools will facilitate the introduction of secured and simplified borders and ultimately help states relax some of their entry conditions to facilitate travel, trade and tourism.

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What's inside the SSB?

The principles and programs detailed in this manual will guide authorities in developing efficient and effective border control processes, leading to more secured, yet open border policies.

The SSB Manual is an indispensable reference for airlines, governments and aviation stakeholders to implement modern border security programs facilitating travel and integrating with air transport processes. It offers insights on the different steps of the passenger journey and how airline’s systems, operating model, distribution channels and IT infrastructure integrate in the wider aviation ecosystem.

Passenger data requirements, more than any other border control program, have a significant impact on airline systems and operations. As such, all air transport stakeholders are invited to use this manual as a basis for discussion and collaboration in the development of facilitation strategies and processes in line with international standards and best practices.

Partnerships between aviation authorities and industry stakeholders are also crucial for enhancing current processes and tools such as travel authorizations and travels documents, and paving the way for a seamless and contactless traveler journey, with automated border controls, biometrics and digital identity.

The SSB Manual further provides brief answers to the most common questions on passenger data programs and other facilitation tools.

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How can the SSB help you?



  • Provide solutions to address terminal capacity while ensuring security
  • Demystification of airlines / air transport processes
  • Inform policy makers on system requirements for modernization of border controls
  • Benefits tourism, employment, attractiveness and competitiveness of their state
  • Effective use of resources
  • Understand global best practices in passenger data standards


  • Reduce burden on airlines and passengers due to suboptimal use of border security tools and processes
  • Minimize business disruptions, secure passenger flows, improve passenger experience
  • Reduce operational and administrative burden
  • More effective dialogue and engagement with border authorities


  • Better informed authorities will lead to greater understanding of limitations at airports
  • Assist in providing a more seamless and contactless traveler journey