Although security challenges and threats might look different during and post the pandemic, the conventional threats remain and the importance of incident management, collaboration and security assurance should not be compromised. In addition, the industry needs to continually adapt to ever changing regulations and challenges that the global security environment presents as they look to expand and evolve their operations.

Strengthened security is always an asset, however amidst this; it can also improve operational efficiencies within your organization, improve the relationship between airports, airlines and aviation authorities as well as enhance customer satisfaction.

​By applying the principles from the IATA Security Management System (SeMS) manual, it can enhance your company’s security culture, regulatory collaboration and resource utilization as well as improve overall performance and communication within your organization. It contains security management guidelines on building effective aviation security measures and also covers a range of additional topics including accountabilities and responsibilities assignment, risk assessment, security reporting and improved communication processes.

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2023 Security Management System Manual (SeMS)

Edition: 6
Format: Digital
Language: English
Regular Price: US $559

2023 Security Management System Manual (SeMS)

Edition: 6
Format: Print
Language: English
Regular Price: US $567


What's inside the SeMS?

  • Management (Corporate Commitment, Security Objectives, Security Communication, Change Management, Provision of Resources)
  • Documentation (Aircraft Operator Security Program, Security Reporting)
  • Aviation Security Quality (Quality Assurance Audits, Quality Control, Security Surveys, Security Tests)
  • Security Risk Management (Security Risk Assessment, Threat Identification and Assessment, Risk Management Process)
  • Additional Guidance (Role of Regulations, Landside Security, Insider Threats, In-flight Theft, Aviation Cyber Security)

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Stay up-to-date

The 6th edition of the SeMS is the latest version of the manual. By implementing the latest security measures, you can shape a proactive, strategic and risk-based approach to the protective security.  The SeMS is updated every year to ensure that the information provided stays relevant and reliable so that the users can develop and continuously improve their security management practices.

This edition contains the new international requirements following the new Amendment 18 to Annex 17, in particular the new standards on the Aircraft Operator Security Program (AOSP) and Supplementary Station Procedures (SSP), as well as the new ICAO Incident Reporting Guidance and Taxonomy.

The most significant changes include:

  • New standards on the Aircraft Operator Security Program (AOSP)
  • New standards on the Supplementary Station Procedures (SSP)
  • ICAO Incident Reporting Guidance and Taxonomy
  • Updates to Chapter 3 “Documentation”
    • Updates to Aircraft Operator Security Program
    • Updates to Security reporting
  • Cross-references to the new Integrated Risk and Resilience Management Manual