Webinar: Leveraging TACT in 2022

When: 21 September 2021 (3 sessions)

Learn how your can leverage TACT for your air cargo operations in 2022
Benefit from all the enhancements made already and find out what new improvements and content you can expect in 2022.

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The industry reference for air cargo professionals

Search in real-time for rates, rules, compliance regulations and as air cargo schedules. Leverage our operational dashboards to keep track of market activity without having to contact individual airlines, handling agents, or airport operators. With over over 5 million industry and carrier tariffs updated in real time, TACT air cargo solutions are your central source of information.

What TACT air cargo solution should you use?

Every day, thousands of air cargo professional use TACT air cargo solutions for their operational needs. IATA’s solutions are fast, reliable and very easy to use. Whether through the web, or integrated with your system, our solutions will improve your shipment processing time, and free up time so that you can focus on your business.

TACT air cargo solutions are accessible in different formats. Compare the solutions now.
If you're still not sure which format best fits your needs, write to us.

What are the most popular TACT air cargo solutions?



Our latest solution! A  distribution platform for all rates plus Quote & Book, between airlines, GSAs and freight forwarders. It addresses the small and niche-market needs often ignored by our commercial competitors.

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The most-used tool, accessible from any web-connected device. With an advanced search you can find specific rates, rules and schedules instantly instead of flipping through a book, easier for non-experts.

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When integrated with your transport management system, TACT can reduce your per tariff lookup time by 95% and avoid errors, even for high volumes. Integrating TACT tariffs can be done via API or flat file. 

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How can TACT air cargo solutions help you?

Familiarize yourself with our solutions and how they can help your business through our introductory online sessions. Sign up now for an in-depth overview of TACT air cargo solutions: