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Ground handlers, system providers, and air cargo operators like you play a key role in connecting stakeholders in the air cargo industry and moving cargo shipments seamlessly.

TACT Air Cargo Solutions enable connectivity, access to the most relevant air cargo information to support your role within the industry, and allow you to interact with other parties. Leveraging TACT as part of your knowledge base, operational procedures, and compliance or trainings programs will bring consistency to your operations, reduce compliance risks, fines and delays in shipment handling, and improve your employees’ skills.

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TACT Online

Access the latest country and airline regulations, safely perform acceptance, and improve air cargo shipments’ transit time. TACT Online content is updated in real time and is accessible from any web-connected device.

TACT Tariffs Integration

Automatically enable Master AWBs rating and interlining pricing in your application to support your customers. A must-have to support efficiency, via API or Flat File.

Trusted by leading ground handlers and system providers around the world

Technology partners, governments, ground handlers, and international organizations trust the value of our solutions to support their customers, staff, and compliance programs.


Not sure which TACT solution is right for you?

If you have any questions about TACT or would like to discuss how our solutions can help your business, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team of experts. We're committed to providing the support and information you need to make informed decisions and achieve success in the ever-changing world of cargo operations.

Promote safe air cargo transportation, contribute with your content

The key to the quality of our solutions is our global network, which relies on the valuable contribution of hundreds of industry professionals and government officials. Whether you are a ground handling agent, government, or international organization, your contribution to the content of TACT is critical to ensure users view the right information at the right time.