Amplify your business

To meet the airfreight needs of international shippers, you need a wide, reliable network of partners around the world. But it can be costly in time and resources to build and manage one. IATA Cargo Agency Accreditation simplifies the entire process, enabling you to expand and grow. Being an IATA-accredited cargo agent also signals to airlines around the world that you are a financially and professionally competent freight forwarder. Payments to airlines is simplified through the Cargo Accounts Settlement System (CASS). And your shipping network is expanded with hundreds of arlines who are members of CASS. 

Already accredited and need to manage your accreditation? See how to manage your accreditation further down.

Rely on IATA’s know-how

Over 200 airlines and over 15,000 freight forwarders trust our services to offer a complete and professional experience to their customers.

  • IATA knows payment: With five decades of experience managing payments between cargo agents and airlines, we have built a truly global system: CASS now exists in more than 90 countries.
  • IATA knows logistics: We set the standards for safe, reliable shipments, including dangerous goods, pharmaceuticals, live animals, and perishables, certifying your cargo handling in these specialized areas.

Apply for cargo agent-accreditation

As an IATA Accredited Cargo Agent, you pay a single annual fee only, with no transaction costs.

  1. Visit the IATA Customer Portal
  2. Create an account by clicking on ‘Create a user’, OR log in if you already have an account
  3. Under ‘My Services’, click on ‘IATA Accreditation & Changes’. Then choose ‘New Accreditation Application’
  4. Follow the instructions

Manage your Accreditation

If you are already accredited and need support, please see how to reach us:

All countries except the USA

Notify IATA of any changes: Go to the IATA Customer Portal and select the Service ‘Accreditation and Changes’.

Contact our Customer Service team: Log into the IATA Customer Portal and request support through one of our channels.

Obtain additional information: Refer to our FAQ page.

If you are located in the USA

US Cargo Agents
: please visit the CNSC website for any question and support.