Simplify air freight payment

Dealing with multiple airline partners can be resource-intensive. Indirect costs for invoicing, follow-up and collection can quickly grow. IATA’s CASS Associate Service enables you to keep costs down by simplifying the process.

Streamlined back-office operations

The IATA CASS Associate Service is designed specifically for companies incurring airfreight charges from multiple airlines, who just want to simplify their financial interactions with them.

  • Simplify payments to airlines: receive a single invoice grouping all your freight charges, and make one single payment through the Cargo Accounts Settlement System (CASS), ensuring recognition with a unique identification code.
  • Optimize your operational flexibility: choose to manage your billing and payment data from your head office or any field office, using CASSLink’s web-based application.

Rely on IATA’s know-how

Over 200 airlines and 15,000 freight forwarders trust our services for 100% on-time settlement.

IATA knows payment: With five decades of experience managing payments between cargo agents and airlines, we have built a truly global system: CASS now exists in more than 90 countries.

Apply to become a CASS Associate

  1. Visit the IATA Customer Portal.
  2. Create an account by clicking on ‘Create a user’, OR log in if you already have an account.
  3. Under ‘My Services’, click on ‘IATA Accreditation & Changes’. Then choose ‘New Accreditation Application’.
  4. Follow the instructions