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CASSLink is IATA's internet-based data processing and customer management system which facilitates interaction and exchange of information between cargo intermediaries / agents and airlines participating in IATA Cargo Accounts Settlement System (CASS).

New CASSLink project

The New CASSLink project is improving CASSLink to adapt to the new cargo settlement landscape.

Find out more about New CASSLink.

With CASSLink, CASS participants benefit from an innovative web-based interface that provides them with:

  • Airline data input, including File Validation
  • Advance billing reconciliation through daily “transaction view”
  • Global system access
  • Customized output options
  • Credit monitoring / risk warning (CICS)

In addition to the standard CASS Processing, other Special Features include:

  • On-line correction module
  • Customized tax solutions
  • GSSA specialized features
  • User level control of system access
  • Consolidation / multi branch / multi location flexibility
  • SFTP connectivity to streamline the file exchange between the users and CassLink
  • AWB Stock Management system
  • Courier Billing Voucher processing
  • Separate CASSLink Import Billing system

CASS Technical Specifications Handbook

The CASS Technical Specifications Handbook provides CASS technical standards and forms used in the operations of the CASS. The content is regularly reviewed and updated by the CASS Policy Group and endorsed by the Cargo Agency Conference.

Download the CASS Technical Specifications Handbook, 10th Edition (pdf)

Stay ahead of competition with IATA CargoIS

For additional in-depth air cargo market intelligence insights, we invite you to explore IATA CargoIS. For over 20 years, IATA's CargoIS is the air cargo industry's premier market intelligence tool, used by the full range of air cargo stakeholders: airlines, general sales agents, freight forwarders, ground handlers, airports and many others!

CargoIS provides a true picture of market dynamics across more than 80,000 city-to-city unique trade lanes, reflecting the business of 30,000 freight forwarders and more than 200 airlines and GSAs. To achieve this, CargoIS sources its data from over 21 million air waybills settled every year through IATA’s Cargo Accounts Settlement System (CASS), as well as data contributed directly by airlines in CargoIS Direct Data (CDD). These two data sets represent US$ 32 billion worth of airfreight charges.

Because CargoIS is the only air cargo intelligence solution based on both actual settlement data and data directly contributed by airlines, it provides the most reliable and comprehensive market intelligence available today.

Please note as well that from now on, CargoIS will also be providing the CASS Route Analyzer services.

CASSLink Stock Management

Provides Airlines with an invaluable auditing facility for Airlines, as well as an automated means of allocating AWB Serial Numbers to approved Agents.

Find out more by reading the Fact Sheet or talk to your local Cargo Manager.

CASSLink Export User Manuals

CASSLink Frequently Asked Questions

CASS Import & Terminal Charges (CASS ITC)

CASS Import is designed for billing of freight import (CC), ground handling charges and miscellaneous charges due.