Your one-stop solution for air cargo tariffs and rates, schedules, and compliance information

As an airline, freight forwarder, or ground handler, you know that air cargo operations can be complex and time-consuming. 

TACT Air Cargo Solutions can help you simplify your processes and save valuable time by providing you with easy access to accurate air cargo shipping rates and compliance information.

TACT offers comprehensive solutions to streamline processes, enhance productivity, and ensure compliance in the air freight industry. 

With content updated in real-time and global coverage, our solutions will help you move air cargo shipments with confidence. A must-have for every air cargo professional!

The right solution, at the right time, for the right user

TACT Air Cargo Solutions support the entire air cargo supply chain. Whether you are planning, preparing or accepting an air cargo shipment, there is a solution for you to improve shipments processing time, compliance with rules and regulations, and free up time so that your teams can focus on growing your business and customer satisfaction.

TACT Air Cargo Solutions for Airlines



Reach your global audience of customers, support your interlining activities and stay ahead of regulatory changes.

Freight Forwarders


Plan and prepare shipments leveraging tariffs, rules, schedules, and other key compliance shipping information.

Other Cargo Operators


Improve air cargo shipments acceptance and compliance, and stay up-to-date with regulatory changes.

What can you do with TACT?

Search in real-time for air cargo rates, compliance procedures for air cargo regulations, and air cargo schedules. Leverage our solutions to keep track of market activity without having to contact individual airlines, handling agents, or airport operators. With over 5 million tariffs and rates updated in real time, 85+ airlines, 200+ countries and a network of 800+ individual sources, TACT Air Cargo Solutions are your go-to place for all air cargo shipping information.

  • Easy access to air cargo compliance information and regulations
  • Accurate and up-to-date air cargo rates and tariffs
  • Comprehensive industry standards
  • Real-time air cargo schedules
  • Integration with your operating systems for streamlined operations
  • Time-saving automation for shipment processing
  • Support from our subject matter experts



Trusted by industry leaders for real-time air cargo information


Contact us for more information 

If you have any questions about TACT or would like to discuss how our solutions can help your business, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team of experts. Discover how TACT can transform your air cargo business operations and provide a competitive edge. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our solutions and services.


Frequently Asked Questions

TACT is accessible via the web, API, Flat File and also through a print manual (restricted scope).

To place your order, please access this form

As soon as we have received the payment of your order, your product(s) are automatically released as per the details provided. If any additional configuration is required, our team will be in touch with you to set everything up.

We have available recorded videos, as well as specifications files. Our team can also organize one-to-one trainings.

Support requests must be placed via our IATA Customer Portal. Queries will be transferred to the TACT team if they require technical expertise.

TACT is updated in real-time by our team of experts. Our global network of sources provides content updates, temporary embargoes and other operational information that benefit our worldwide community of users, to always support compliance.

Over 85 individual airlines provide their content to TACT, and we are onboarding many new carriers. Our Schedules module, powered by OAG, covers approximately 1,000 airlines.

We cover over 220 countries and territories worldwide. Wherever you are shipping to or from, we have got you covered!

Our module currently covers the lists of the following countries:

  • United States
  • European Union
  • United Nations
  • United Kingdom

We plan on adding new countries in the future.

Yes, we do offer some integrations, via Flat File or API, limited to Tariffs. We do not yet offer integration for the regulatory information.

This functionality has been temporarily disabled, as we work on improving our user interface and experience.

Until the end of 2023, products are solely sold in EUR. However, as of January 1st 2024, our products are priced in USD.

Each organization has different needs, depending on the pain points you wish to address. For our team to guide you through the process, please consider the following:

  • Can my system(s) support integration of API or Flat File?
  • Do I need access for a single office, or for several offices or a global network?
  • How would TACT fit into my organization compliance program?
  • Which airlines do we work with the most?