IATA Net Rates enables rates distribution, as well as bookings between airlines and freight forwarders. Freight Forwarders can access air cargo rates, including contract rates, through a secured solution. Airlines can leverage IATA Net Rates to distribute all their rates to all their customers, globally.

Standardized air cargo distribution data for all

Everyone in air cargo benefits from a centralized online system for rates and schedules. 

Airline Distribute, promote and sell globally
IATA Net Rates is a secure, automated global channel that improves your rates distribution and accuracy regardless of your current technology.
Freight Forwarder Search, compare, book and ship globally
Instant access to the right rates, schedules and capacity in real time. No more wasting time figuring out what surcharges apply, or if the billing you received is accurate.
General Sales Agent (GSA)

Receive, distribute, promote and sell locally
IATA Net Rates collects rates from the airlines you represent, making it easy to distribute them to your local market. The same platform manages ad hoc requests and bookings, allowing you to increase your margins even more.

IT and TMS provider Integrate and standardize seamlessy and globally
Connect your system seamlessly to the IATA Net Rates tech stack and manage distribution, ad hoc requests and bookings without ever leaving your system.


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