Need Help?

Need Help?

Fuel Efficiency Program Implementation

As an additional step to the Fuel Efficiency Program Development, IATA provides effective support to airlines implementing the reported recommendations and best practices. These potential savings could account between 1% and 15% of the airline's annual fuel budget. Please contact IATA Consulting at for more information.

IATA Fuel Consulting Team

The IATA Consulting Team including IATA and External SMEs were created to perform on-site fuel efficiency assessments and to assist the airlines with the implementation of industry's best practices tailored to the airline's fleets and operational environment. These services are available for IATA member and non-member airlines.

IATA Fuel Consulting Services Provided

1. Fuel Efficiency Assessment

The assessment focuses on the following areas of airline operations:

  • Operational data availability and quality
  • Flight planning, dispatch and operational control
  • Flight Operations
  • Maintenance and Engineering
  • Ground Operations
  • Weight Reduction

Using the data provided by the airlines and based on observations and exchange of most suitable solutions, the IATA Consulting Team generates a Fuel Efficiency Assessment Report, which highlights the airline operational improvement opportunities and recommended solutions to overcome them.

2. Fuel Program Implementation Support

On request the IATA Fuel Consulting Team will support the implementation of recommendations made during the assessment. This can be followed by periodic overview of achievements.

For additional information please contact IATA Consulting.