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Leverage IATA expertise to drive immediate and sustainable fuel savings

To optimize or reduce fuel consumption at your airline, and transform your organization to advance Net-Zero initiatives, requires multiple skillsets. Not only do you need to be an expert in fuel efficiency, but also in data processing, management and analytics, in business cases and consensus-building, and in change management and communications. 

IATA Consulting offers a complete, two-stage service to help you meet your goals and maximize your organization's return on investment. Since 2005, IATA has helped the industry to identify potential annual reductions in fuel consumption of 4.76 million tonnes, equivalent to USD $3.8 billion annually. 

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Reach your fuel efficiency goals

IATA's Fuel Efficiency Development and Enhancement experts work hand in hand with you to provide actionable insights, recommendations, and support, for real results:

  • Boost your fuel efficiency program - The Fuel Efficiency Gap Analysis enables you to validate your current initiatives, identify further savings and gain insight into how to attain them.
  • Kickstart sustainable change - The Fuel Efficiency Implementation Support service provides you with a plan, and the tools to communicate and effect lasting change. 
  • Drive transformation - The complete service, including the Gap Analysis and Implementation Support can set your airline on a path to Net Zero by 2050, recommending changes and milestones in every sphere of your organization to reduce fuel consumption. 

Get the support you need

IATA Consulting can help you develop or enhance your Fuel Efficiency Program, supporting you with the expertise and industry knowledge of our consultants, to:

  • Build a business case - IATA's subject matter experts can produce a high-level business case, and engage your decision-makers, to obtain buy-in that will enable you to proceed with our support. 
  • Identify savings opportunities - IATA's experts conduct a Fuel Efficiency Gap Analysis, reviewing all operational areas, to identify and quantify potential savings.
  • Successfully implement - IATA's expert establish a tailored Implementation Action Plan, including indicators and metrics, and data requirements and sources, to capture the identified savings and ensure a self-sustaining process.

A proven process

IATA's Fuel Efficiency Development and Enhancement experts draw on their experience with 115 assessments since 2005, to help you reach your objectives:

  • The Fuel Efficienc Gap Analysis - IATA's subject matter experts review all operational areas, focusing on:
    • Operational data availability and quality
    • Flight planning, dispatch and operational control
    • Flight Operations
    • Maintenance and Engineering
    • Ground Operations
    • Weight Reduction
  • The Fuel Efficiency Assessment Report - Using the data provided by your airline, and based on our observations, and discussions with you on the most suitable solutions, the IATA Consulting team generates a report, which highlights opportunities for operational improvement at your airline and recommended solutions to realize them. 
  • Fuel Efficiency Implementation Support - The Implementation Action Plan serves to guide your organization. It establishes quick-win targets as well as longer-term targets, a tracking plan, and indicates where company policies, procedures and practices need to be adjusted accordingly. It can be followed by periodic review of achievements.

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