Our traffic studies deliver prospective data on future passenger/cargo volumes and aircraft activity, and provide valuable recommendations to seize market opportunities and define winning strategies. ​

Air traffic forecasts are the foundations of each stage of airports’ development. State-of-the-art, airlines-supported forecasts are key to defining appropriate future facility requirements, and to securing financing support from external investors.

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Industry-leading forecasts based on facts

Our experts carry out tailor-made traffic forecasting studies and reviews based on facts, analysis and benchmarks that address the needs of all players, ranging from airport operators, investors, capacity planners to governments.

Our forecasting studies are based on:

  • Reliable data sources and key stakeholders’ interviews
  • Catchment area mapping and competitive intensity analysis
  • Econometric modelling of both unconstrained and constrained scenarios
  • Airport business environment prospective analysis
  • Short-term bottom up projections
  • Air service development

The benefits of choosing us:

  • Unparalleled access to essential databases and business intelligence tools
  • Access to a wide range of aviation industry stakeholders including airlines
  • Proven track record of delivery
  • Extensive in-house capabilities
  • Holistic expertise covering numerous airport fields
  • Industry-leading forecast models and systems
  • Local presence in more than 60 countries

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