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Need Help?

Airline ticket sale is an attractive ground for fraudsters. Card payment fraud is estimated to amount to over one billion dollars a year in the airline industry. IATA Perseuss is the world's leading platform for fraud intelligence, allowing airlines and other merchants to cooperate to identify and fight fraudulent schemes.

Real-time access to cross-sector fraud data

From a small group of seven European airlines sharing experiences and data, to a huge global cross-sector community of merchants. Perseuss has developed into the world's leading platform for fraud intelligence.

IATA Perseuss enables real-time access to cross-sector fraud data, through community based sharing between stakeholders in the commercial and payment industry. As fraudsters don't limit their activities to one industry or region, there's an average fraud overlap of 35% between merchants. By cooperating and learning from each other, you don't give fraudsters a chance.

Decrease your manual review and fraud costs

Users can check transaction for fraud overlap against the Perseuss database real-time through an API integration, either directly or through your Payment Service Provider. Perseuss applies a hybrid scoring model to define the fraud risk of your transactions. Additionally, it offers a range of features enabling your fraud analysts to do in-depth analysis on specific cases.

Using IATA Perseuss decreases manual review and fraud cost, thereby increasing your bottomline results.

For more information download the product brochure in English (pdf), Spanish (pdf) and Portuguese​ (pdf).