Need Help?

Need Help?

Travel Industry Designator Service (TIDS) is a unique code which captures point of sale details for your agency database management.

As a travel and tourism supplier, you may encounter difficulties in identifying booking sources when dealing with non-IATA agents. This may lead to the rejection of reservations or invalid bookings.

TIDS precisely addresses this problem with a unique number allocated to an agency. It therefore eliminates the risk of reservation number duplication or the consequences of invalid or rejected bookings.

TIDS has become the standard identification for non-IATA agents. Major airlines, hotels, car rental companies all over the world now require that all non-IATA agents register for TIDS, or the Non-ticketing Program, its equivalent in the USA.


  • Tally reservations
  • Track commissions
  • Identify target markets to design marketing programmes
  • Distribute commissions to registered travel agents
  • Streamline sales reporting for valuable marketing intelligence

TIDS holders are also included in the IATA Agency Data Products.

Travel Agents need your support!

Travel agents need your support in the form of a recommendation to obtain TIDS. Sample of a recommendation letter (pdf).