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Assessment in our classroom or virtual classroom courses is usually a composite of several elements. It usually includes a written exam, along with exercises, assignments, projects, presentations, simulations, case studies and active participation. The composition of the assessment elements is aligned with the type of course and the level of proficiency.

Find out more in the IATA Training Grading and Attendance Policy.

We use assessment to promote excellence in training and a high-quality learning outcome. By assessing, we strive to ensure that the skills and knowledge needed in the future aviation industry are being developed through our training courses. 

To this end, our assessment takes an integral part of the instructional design and focuses on measuring against the course outcomes. It intends to provide learners with opportunities to demonstrate knowledge, skills and capabilities obtained in the course subject.

Our training also aims at gauging diverse levels of cognitive complexity, such as understanding, applying, analyzing, and evaluating given information to develop creative thinking and problem-solving.