The information you need.
When and where you need it.

Every day, over 70,000 cargo professionals consult the rules and rates in TACT.

The platform contains over 5 million industry & carrier tariffs and is fast, reliable and very easy to use. When integrated with your transport management system, TACT can reduce your per tariff lookup time by 95%.

Perhaps you’re trying to calculate shipping costs before bringing a new e-scooter to market or opening your exotic plant store online. Maybe you’re an established freight forwarder trying to reduce delays caused by human error.

Whatever the question, TACT has the answer.


TACT Products

You can access the rules and rates information in TACT in several different formats. If you're not sure which version best fits your needs, write to us


TACT Online
The search feature in TACT online means you can find specific rates, rules and schedules near instantly instead of flipping through a book – much easier for non-experts to navigate successfully.

TACT Tariffs Integration
Integrating TACT tariffs directly into your transport management system via API or flat file eliminates the need to enter tariff information manually. Customers who choose this option are able to get through high volume periods quickly and with far fewer errors.

IATA Net Rates
Our latest product – IATA Net Rates – is our rates distribution platform for ALL rates, as well as bookings, between airlines, GSAs and freight forwarders. The platform leaves no country behind as it addresses the small and niche-market needs often ignored by our commercial competitors.

TACT Training

We're working on a new series of training videos to help you get the most out of TACT. 

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Sourcing Network

Our products are stronger when we work together. If you’re a carrier or an airline, adding your tariffs, rates, rules and schedules to TACT & IATA Net Rates means your information is instantly in front of hundreds of active freight forwarders.

  • Reach a global audience with almost no admin increase
  • Significantly reduce delays, seizures and returns caused by out of date information
  • Stay in control of who sees which rates what, so that you do not trade information with confidentiality