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Passenger Facilitation

The Passenger Facilitation Program focuses primarily on the crucial areas of passenger process with the aim to provide an “end-to-end passenger experience that is secure, seamless and efficient”.

IATA's Passenger Facilitation Program is notably addressing solutions in the areas of:PFWG logo

  • Passenger's identity management: To reduce repetitive identity checks and create a seamless flow, One ID seeks to introduce a robust, integrated identity management across the end-to-end passenger process that allows an individual to assert his identity online or in person. This should be done to the required level at every process step while maintaining the privacy of personal data. More information is available on the concept paper below.
  • Immigration: to improve border crossing through the promotion of automated border control in order to support passenger growth and reduce waiting times without compromising security.   

Project Material 

One ID

Automated Border Control


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