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These benefits apply to IATA airline membership

Are you a Travel or Cargo agent? See how to become an IATA-agent: Travel Agency Program or Cargo Agency Program.

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International recognition

  • IATA maintains an international perspective and provides a unique global voice on behalf of its members
  • With over 60 offices worldwide, IATA maintains relationships with governments and other industry stakeholders around the world, advocating on behalf of its members on key industry issues

Targeting key industry priorities

  • Safety remains the industry's top priority and IATA assists its members in continuing to meet industry standards
  • IOSA, which is mandatory for IATA membership, is a critical component of IATA's safety program
  • IATA is actively working with ICAO to globally harmonize security measures and is working to improve security processes
  • IATA is leading the charge on reducing the environmental impact of aviation and is helping to drive the industry towards carbon-neutral growth and ultimately a carbon-free future

Driving industry change

Protecting airline money & reducing costs

  • IATA’s financial settlement systems (ISS) are the backbone of the global air transport industry, helping to contain costs, improve cash flow and maximize efficiency
  • IATA is also helping members achieve cost reductions related to ATC charges, fuel and taxation

Increasing communication

  • Participation in member conferences, committees and groups offers unprecedented access to a variety of airline and industry partners
  • The IATA Annual General Meeting and World Air Transport Summit bring together representatives from leading international airlines
  • IATA helps members gain influence with the travel agent community through the IATA Agency Program

Providing key commercial services & training

  • IATA provides training in major fields such as passenger, cargo and safety
  • IATA programs help to strengthen the capabilities of aviation industry professionals
  • IATA members can receive discounts on a number of IATA publications