The Offers and Orders Transformation Area of Involvement is closely connected to the IATA Modern Airline Retailing program. Strategic Partners in this area have access to the latest airline partner information and trends supporting their journey toward 100% Offers and Orders.

Offers and Orders Transformation Strategic Partnerships Summary

Modern retailing, supported by the implementation of the New Distribution Capability (NDC), ONE Order and related standards can achieve personalization, efficiency and a seamless experience, advancing airline distribution. New platforms are required to accommodate this transformation: they are order-based and built to facilitate interactions between different modules (offer management, order management, delivery and financial systems) with the highest degree of interoperability and flexibility. Ultimately, a new IT infrastructure that creates, stores and distributes Offers and Orders to many other systems for processing, will emerge. This system will gradually replace the Passenger Service System (PSS) for some commercial and operations applications, financial accounting, seller interfaces, etc. 

At the end of the transition, airlines will operate more efficiently within a simplified and more agile IT environment. Airlines will also replace traditional interlining and manage air and non-air partners under modernized retailer / supplier schemes such as the SRSIA framework and the supplier product catalogue. They will easily use existing forms of payment and be much more agile to adopt innovative, efficient and customer friendly solutions. This transition will require significant investment from airlines, IT vendors and other players in the value chain. Airlines welcome increased competition and innovation; and this is where technology partners can demonstrate their support and their creativity.  




IATA Offers and Orders Forum

Developed in the context of the industry transition to Modern Airline Retailing and “Offers and Orders only” vision, this annual two-day (in-person only) Forum is open exclusively to airlines and Strategic Partners registered in this Area of Involvement, including:

  • An invitation to join the Forum and planned agenda workshops
  • One speaking slot (30 minutes), jointly with a partner airline invited by the Strategic Partner
  • Other participation opportunities (panels, fireside chats, etc.) on the Forum’s agenda as agreed with the organizer

Exclusive webinars

Created exclusively for IATA Strategic Partners within the Offers and Orders Transformation Area of Involvement, these webinars propose a dedicated and exclusive yearly virtual discussion platform for Strategic Partners, airlines and / or relevant industry partners, including:

  • One 45-minute webinar session with audience including airlines only or airlines and other industry stakeholders[1]
  • Webinar organized and moderated by IATA, promoted via IATA Distribution's own channels[2] and the Strategic Partner’s own channels[3].
  • Webinar topic and content based on latest industry interests from: live demos, use-cases, updates on transition, etc., in alignment with the IATA Modern Airline Retailing Industry programs and messages.

[1] IATA does not commit to number of participants, nor their geographical split or other categorization.

[2] IATA Distribution owned channels include but are not limited to IATA Modern Airline Retailing (MAR) webinars webpage, IATA Airline Retailing Newsletter (12,000+ active readers); the Strategic Partnerships Newsletter, IATA DISTR LinkedIn channel, etc.

[3] Strategic Partners will receive the webinar recording and post-webinar analytics in compliance with regulations (e.g., GDPR).

Focus Areas

  • Offer management
  • Order management

Designed For

  • Technology providers

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