peter-cerda-2015.pngDear Colleagues,

I am pleased to share the Government of Ecuador officially eliminated the 5 currency repatriation tax for airlines (both passenger and cargo), a measure meant to boost connectivity and reactivate the country’s tourism sector. We continuously called for the elimination of this tax to stimulate demand and formally requested it to government officials during a recent visit to Ecuador in mid July.

As we near the 4th quarter of the year, IATA will be focusing on the following regional activities to make the Americas’ operating environment more efficient and competitive: On  Safety, we are assisting the Mexican authorities to regain category 1 status. On Consumer Protection, we continue to be active in Colombia and Mexico to avoid any harmful new regulations that would negatively impact the industry.

We are also pushing our Charges and Fees Competitiveness initiative, focused on minimizing discrimination between domestic and international ATC fees in Chile, Peru and Ecuador while assessing further opportunities in Brazil, Colombia and Argentina. In the US, we are engaging stakeholders to address the increase in airport fees, and in Canada, we continue to urge NAV CANADA to reduce their overflight fees, especially as traffic is recovering.

Lastly, on airport infrastructure, we are performing a follow up site visit to Tegucigalpa's new international airport (XPL) on September 28 to ensure the new airport is ready to begin operations on October 15 and continue our
dialogue with stakeholders in BOG, MEX, LIM and SCL to ensure the airports are well positioned to operate
efficiently and to accommodate future growth.

Industry restart related, we see vaccination rates increase across the region but unfortunately, we do not see a parallel easing of travel restrictions. The below charts confirm that the severity of restrictions has a direct impact on the bookings in each country. We keep pushing for the elimination of mandatory quarantine measures, specifically in Argentina and Chile, and urge Governments to base their decisions on the passengers’ vaccination and testing status and not on the passenger’s nationality.

As usual, please find IATA’s latest advocacy activities across the Americas below. Please let me know if you have
any questions or would like us to take further action.

With kind regards,

Peter Cerdá

IATA’s Regional Vice President, The Americas

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