peter-cerda-2015.pngDear Colleagues,

The industry’s recovery continues with both North America and Latin America showing significant improvements. Looking at the most recently published data, North American carriers had a 129.2% traffic rise in July versus the 2021 period. Capacity rose 79.9%, and load factor climbed 19.4 percentage points to 90.3%, which was the highest among the regions for a second month. Latin American airlines’ July traffic rose 119.4%, capacity rose 92.3% and load factor increased 10.5 percentage points to 85.2%, compared to July 2021.

While the industry is on the right track, we continue to face operational and regulatory challenges, from proposed ticket refunds in the US, an increase in overflight fees both in Canada and the Bahamas, and possible new “green” taxes in Chile and Colombia. Governments have quickly reverted to utilizing aviation as a cash cow to recuperate financial shortfalls by considering tax reforms detrimental to the industry, and at the same time, introducing new refund and rebooking requirements that are not realistic in today’s operating environment. To address these critical developments, please find below IATA’s latest activities and initiatives across the Americas.

To further emphasize the critical role aviation plays in the region’s socio-economic recovery, we held two recent Aviation Days, one for Peru and one for the Caribbean, calling on the respective Governments to work with the industry to establish a clear joint agenda and create the right business, operational and regulatory environment to make Peru and the Caribbean more competitive on a global stage.

Please let me know if you have any questions and continue to count on our support.

With kind regards,

Peter Cerdá

IATA’s Regional Vice President, The Americas

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