ONE Order aims to modernize the Order management process in the airline industry. The ONE Order standard creates a single integrated customer record to streamline fulfilment, delivery, and accounting processes across the lifecycle of the Order.


ONE Order is an industry-led initiative aiming to simplify the airline reservation, delivery and accounting systems by gradually phasing out the current booking (PNRs) and ticketing records (e-tickets and electronic miscellaneous documents, or EMDs). ONE Order combines those multiple records into a single retail and customer-focused Order.


One reference: ONE Order will result in the gradual disappearance of multiple reservation records as well as e-ticket/EMD concepts to be replaced by a single reference Order. A new standardized and expandable reference will become the single access point for customer orders by third parties (interline partners, distribution channels, ground handling agents and airport staff, among others).

A simplified airline ecosystem: ONE Order will modernize the airline ecosystem to align with digital processes for fulfilment, servicing, delivery and accounting with Orders.

Expanded partnerships: ONE Order will enable network airlines and ticketless carriers to interact and provide combined services to customers. Through an agile creation and fulfilment of any product, airlines will be able to connect with wider industries enabling greater interoperability.

Who will benefit and how?

Airlines - Cost Effectiveness: Airlines no longer will need to resort to time-consuming and expensive reconciliation exercises between different references. This consolidation will help airlines to streamline their reservation management up to financial processes, remove the dependencies on industry specific accounting solutions and simplify interlining delivery and accounting processes. Network airlines and ticketless carriers will be able to interact and provide combined services to customers. Airlines will be also able to sell, account for, and track the delivery of new flight and non-flight products and services in a seamless way, bringing them closer to other retailers. Finally, complexity will be removed and overlap from systems and the overall system environments, making them more cost effective to operate and maintain.

Travel Sellers - Efficiency: Travel agents will be able to better service their customers, simplify their accounting and follow an identical process to book flights and products from all airlines, regardless of them being ticketless or not.

Customers - Simplicity: Travelers no longer will need to juggle between different reference numbers and documents when checking-in or making changes to their itinerary. With a single reference number, they will be easily recognized by all service providers.

  • Introducing One Order (Youtube) (Oct 2015) Industry experts discuss whether the airline industry is prepared to embrace One Order.


Official documentation




  • Transition Study (pdf) (Oct 2019) to understand the journey to an end-state where airlines have become travel retailers using only orders and offers



The current NDC and ONE Order certifications and Supporting NDC recognition will move into the Airline Retailing Maturity (ARM) index with a broader scope to cover airline retailing using offers and orders based on the IATA Enhanced and Simplified Distribution (EASD) standards. We have created an Airline Retailing Maturity index website with videos, resources and documentation to help transition into the new certification model.

The ARM index will be publicly launched in October 2021 at the Digital, Data & Retailing (DDR) Symposium. The current registries will continue to exist in parallel until October 2022, however beginning in October 2021 all new certifications and renewals will be on the new ARM index.

Are you ONE Order certified?

IATA will provide the official industry certification program for ONE Order.

ONE Order certification will cover:

  • Airlines – any airline that deploys and supports the ONE Order communication messaging and capability
  • Vendors and IT providers – any vendor or IT provider that offers ONE Order solutions and services (OMS, Delivery Provider, Accounting) can become ONE Order capable

Access now the ONE Order Certification Registry to see who are the NDC certified /capable actors.

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ONE Order Certification Program Overview (pdf) (November 2018): A high level introduction to the ONE Order Certification Program.

Apply for ONE Order certification


Further to the endorsement of the IATA Board of Governors at its meeting in December 2015, the initiative is moving into the Industry Standard development phase.

ONE Order Schemas

The target for 2016, has been achieved as the IATA Resolution supporting the One Order initiative (Resolution 797) has been adopted by the Passenger Services Conference (PSC).

Order Group

The Order Group is comprised of airlines and IT Providers with 18 organizations elected by the PDMG, leading the work. It is in charge of deciding on all business requirements involving order management processes and associated standards including:

  • Distribution processes
  • Accounting processes
  • Delivery processes