Analyses and key forecasts for the industry, and perspectives on the world it operates in. 

Charts of the Week

Air connectivity rankings reflect long and short-run factors

19 July 2024

Global air connectivity rankings have shifted noticeably over the past decade, influenced by both long-run trends and short-run developments.

Air travelers’ views on SAF highlight a range of issues

12 July 2024

Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) is a key lever in the airline industry’s decarbonization efforts, however, air passengers’ views on SAF highlight a number of challenges that lie ahead.

The dominance of narrowbody jets in airline operations

5 July 2024

Airlines use a variety of aircraft types depending on their business model and markets. Smaller equipment such as turboprops and regional jets are the most used types on shorter and domestic routes, while widebody jets dominate the long-haul international routes.


Aviation Value Chain

15 February 2024

An analysis of investor returns in 2022 within the aviation value chain. This publication provides insight and interpretation from IATA into the 2022 economic performance of the aviation value chain. 

Heightened Policy Uncertainty

9 January 2024

We look at key risks to the global economy and to air transportation in this qualitative assessment of likelihood of occurrences and potential impacts of a selection of events.