​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​These pages provide analysis of economic and policy developments affecting the financial performance of the global airline industry.​​​​​​​​​​

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Turkey: How a cheaper currency can be good for inbound travel

The current monetary situation in Turkey benefits international air traffic and tourism

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Record debt made more affordable by rising inflation

Surging inflation might help debtors including airlines to deleverage their debt

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The global rise in consumer prices eludes China and Japan

Lower inflation in China and Japan could produce stronger demand compare to other markets.

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China’s new COVID lockdowns hit domestic air travel

The Chinese domestic market is significantly impacted as a result of new travel restrictions.

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Flexible air travel restrictions have benefitted Latin America

Latin America has performed well compared to other regions, due to more flexible air travel policies.

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The importance of ‘preighters’ seems to start to diminish

As passenger traffic recovers, airlines are switching from preighters to standard passenger aircraft belly cargo operations

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Imbalance of in-and outbound travel in Ukraine’s neighbors

Refugees fleeing the war mean outbound air travel became larger than inbound

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Air cargo flights show how the impact of war varies across markets

Globally, air cargo is resilient so far, but regions connected to Europe are affected to different degrees

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Data on airlines’ status confirm the pandemic created opportunities

Airlines births increased in 2021 versus 2019 and deaths decreased

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Ticket sales for US to Europe travel highlight resilient confidence

After falling when the conflict escalated, ticket sales on the North Atlantic market are already rebounding

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Ukraine conflict results in downturn in airline bookings

The escalation of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia has significant implications on the aviation industry.

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Women are still under-represented in leading positions at airlines

Labor condition differences between women and men create inefficient economic outcomes

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Re-fleeting helps reduce CO2 emissions

Taking delivery of more fuel efficient aircraft following the pandemic plays a key role in the energy transition

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Domestic ticket sales lend support to cautious optimism

The three of the four largest domestic passenger markets show a sharp increase in bookings in February

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Airlines are optimistic about the year ahead, but challenges remain

A summary of forward-looking metrics from the IATA Business Confidence Survey

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