​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​These pages provide analysis of economic and policy developments affecting the financial performance of the global airline industry.​​​​​​​​​​

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Understanding the pandemic's impact on the aviation value chain

This report provides a starting point for understanding performance pre-pandemic and during COVID-19, and aims to inform the debate about how to enhance value creation and efficiency across the whole value chain.

  • Industry Economic Performance

A Historically Resilient Industry

Over the past 50 years up until 2019, the international air transport industry experienced more than a twenty-fold increase in annual Revenue Passenger Kilometers (RPKs).

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Air Passenger Market Analysis - October 2022

Forward bookings and recovering passenger demand in October signal continuing recovery of air travel.

  • Air Passenger Monthly Analysis

Air Cargo Market Analysis - October 2022

Headwinds continue to affect air cargo demand, despite positive monthly evolution.

  • Air Freight Monthly Analysis

Japan’s weak currency dampens outbound travel

The yen has lost more than 15% of its values year-to-date, making it more expensive for Japanese travelers to go abroad.

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Travel rebounds as restrictions ease except in China

China's international ticket bookings remain at less than 5% of the pre-pandemic level for the third year in a row.

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Europe Needs Connectivity Provided by All Types of Airline Business Models

Consumer welfare is best optimized by ensuring healthy competition among a vibrant and innovative array of business models.

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One Size does not Fit All: A Study of how Airline Business Models have evolved to meet Demand in Europe

A study of airline business models in Europe and their contribution to the industry

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  • Value of Aviation
  • Regulatory Competitiveness
  • Business Models
  • Competition

Air Cargo Market Analysis - September 2022

Air cargo activities experienced a slight decline in September

  • Air Freight Monthly Analysis

Air Passenger Market Analysis - September 2022

Recovery momentum continues in September

  • Air Passenger Monthly Analysis

Airlines’ funds blocked in the foreign exchange turmoil

Exchange rate movements cause airlines and other businesses finding themselves unable to repatriate funds they are owed

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How the weak euro is affecting European travel demand

Travel from the euro zone is now exhibiting greater price sensitivity in their bookings given the exchange-rate disadvantage of the Euro

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The Preighter Cargo Operations are Fading Away

The frequency of preighter flights has begun to decrease primarily due to the resumption of mixed passenger-cargo operations.

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The unusual strength of the USD adds to airlines’ burden

For airlines, the stronger US dollar adds another layer of cost, on top of high inflation in general and high jet fuel prices in particular.

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Hong Kong’s reopening boosted bookings in one night

Japan's announcement to reopone to foreign tourists was followed by Hong Kong lifting quarantine requirements - boosting ticket bookings in the region.

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