Special Cargo items include live animals, perishables, wet cargo, time and temperature sensitive products and human remains, among others. Due to their nature, weight, dimensions and/or value, they may have specific requirements including packaging, labeling, documentation and handling through the transport chain.

Special Cargo transport is addressed through specific regulations that must be followed when preparing, offering, accepting and handling them. The Special Cargo manuals contain standard operating procedures, country regulations and best-practices for safe and secure transportation.

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Special Cargo must be handled in an efficient, safe, and sustainable way and a thorough understanding of the key trends, such as improving animal welfare standards, enhanced cold chain management, achieving sustainable operations, and more, will be pivotal to achieving this goal.


Manuals & Regulations

What do our users think of Special Cargo manuals?

95% said they helped to implement industry standards


93% said they helped to correctly issue documentation


91% said they helped to prevent mishandling of shipments


86% said they helped them to work more efficiently with the supply chain