The Compassionate Transportation Manual (CTM) consolidates the requirements for the airline acceptance and transport of human remains for IATA member airlines and lists the international standards for the documentation. This manual contains the guidance needed for funeral operators, airlines and freight forwarders on how to prepare, ship and handle this special cargo.

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What's inside the CTM

  • Up-to-date government requirements pertaining to the transport of human remains
  • Requirements on packing, handling, marking and labeling
  • Information on the necessary documentation needed when transporting human remains
  • Special shipping guidelines for infectious human remains
  • Guidelines for the air transportation of human remains in reference to the Industry Master Operating Plan (MOP) and IATA CSC Recommended Practice 1683

COVID-19 Crisis Guidance

Updated guidance on the transport of human remains by air where the cause of death was COVID-19 have been developed in conjunction with WHO, CDC, and ICAO. Some airline restrictions exist. Please check with the airline in advance.