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Running a Quality and Safety Management System can be challenging and time consuming.  IMX is a cost-effective software platform that can help you collect, manage and analyze quality and safety data which facilitates an effective implementation of QMS and SMS.

Need Help?

Operators invest considerable time and energy in managing the diverse components and the volume of data associated with Quality and Safety management systems. IMX eliminates this time-consuming challenge by gathering all of the quality management system (QMS) and safety management system (SMS) data in a user-friendly format.

Developed in collaboration with airlines and the aviation industry, IMX enables you to effectively manage all the foundational elements of both quality and safety management systems on a single software platform. IMX also allows submission of data to the IATA Global Aviation Data Management (GADM)/IDX database. The sofware platform is designed for airlines, ground service providers, ANSPs & regulators and business aviation operators.

What can IMX do for you?

  • Simplify Quality & Safety record-keeping, reporting and follow-up
  • Help achieve compliance with regulatory requirements and conformity with internal or external provisions
  • Improve resource allocation by simplifying internal processes
  • Support conformance with IOSA or ISAGO requirements through integrated checklists
  • Facilitate implementation of QMS and SMS and boost efficiency with a single platform solution
  • Allow data analysis capabilities


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IMX features and functions

Quality Module

  • Planning, execution and management of audits and inspections, including IOSA and ISAGO self-assessments
  • Graphical scheduling and follow-up assistant screen
  • Online and offline auditing features
  • Findings management: 

     - Assignment of responsibilities for different roles and stages in finding processing
     - Root cause analysis
     - Risk assessment and hazard identification
     - Due dates monitoring and communication
     - Filing attachments

  • Seamless checklist management and update:

     - Preloaded IOSA checklist
     - Preloaded ISAGO checklist
     - User customized checklists
     - Upload of existing checklists from CSV files

  • Documentation repository with revision and status tracking
  • Supplier management tool with contract records tracking list
  • Audits and actions essential analytics tool with the customized dashboards

Safety Module

  • Safety occurrence reporting:

     - Preloaded report templates and customized ad-hoc reports
     - Online and offline reporting capabilities
     - Data exchange capability with IATA’s Global Aviation Data Management (GADM) for incidents (IDX)
     - Safety investigation assignment and follow-up

  • Hazard log:

     - Identification and tracking of hazards with associated risks and mitigation action control
     - Preloaded taxonomy for hazards, safety events, operational effects and more
     - Regular hazard and safety event review
     - Essential report analytics and customized dashboards
     - Customizable risk matrix

System Administration Module

  • User profile and account administration:

     - Individual and group access control
     - User training or contract records follow-up
     - Initial user list upload from CSV files

  • System security and control:

     - Password expiration control and recovery function
     - Action log with recovery function for deleted items
     - Customizable and automated messaging
     - Safe training mode