Self-study courses with the help of an instructor

IATA's self-study courses can also be completed with the help of an Instructor at one of our Partner locations.

IATA Training’s extensive range of partners strongly extends and complements IATA's reach, with local contacts and an understanding of the market trends and needs. Some partners deliver through local expert instructors.

The conducive learning environment includes formal classes, student collaborative projects, and a range of different activities that facilitate continuous learning. Acquire skills beyond knowledge and have your progress monitored and linked to learning objectives, giving you every opportunity for exam success. When combined with other products, partner-taught courses can lead to a diploma qualification.

Get help studying your self-study course at an Authorized Training Center or Accredited Training School. Language adaptation to local markets is available, and Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) courses are offered through our Accredited Training Schools (ATSs).  We have hundreds of partner locations around the globe.

Partner-taught exams

Examinations are either paper-based or completed online depending on the course and the location. If your course has an online exam, it will either be supervised or unsupervised. You can find this information on each course web page.

Please read the general information on Partner-taught / Self-study exams.