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ONE Order

One reference, One process, One industry

ONE Order aims to modernize the order management process in the airline industry.This industry-led initiative intends to replace the multiple and rigid booking, ticketing, delivery and accounting methods, using the data communications advances made possible by the implementation of the New Distribution Capability.

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In cooperation with Amadeus, British Airways has piloted ONE Order delivery and accounting concepts and schemas in a live production environment for a specific charter flight. This pilot also reviewed the incorporation aspects of ONE Order into the Revenue Accounting system with the aim of demonstrating the co-existence of Orders and E-Tickets, one of the key enablers of the transition to ONE Order.


In cooperation with an Altea-hosted German airline, this pilot’s objective was to verify if a PNR-less approach can be achieved while continuing to use the existing, non-NDC- and non-ONE Order-capable, Passenger Services System (PSS) + Departure Control System (DCS) as well as the existing Passenger Revenue Accounting System (PRAS) and to gain know-how on how transition could be approached.


This pilot’s objective is to analyze potential gaps between existing use cases in the area of passenger delivery processes if integrated to ONE Order schemas for a simple scenario: 1 passenger, 1 flight. 

More specifically, it has focused on comparing the ONE Order delivery schemas to the industry standards in place today.


In cooperation with ISO-Gruppe, this pilot’s focus is to evaluate from a data-oriented perspective, Condor’s selling workflows and associated downstream account processing using ONE Order Accounting Messages.

It is focused on business cases in which Condor’s reservation system connects directly to an accounting system.

Read the full case study (pdf)

In cooperation with IAG, SAP developed a proof of concept project to showcase its Commerce and Revenue products solutions, integrated using the latest IATA ONE Order beta v3 web services. The 4-month project was implemented using, SAP Commerce + Travel Accelerator to deliver the Order Management capabilities and SAP Sales Revenue Billing for the Order Accounting.

The pilot delivered 8 separate use cases that covered basic end-to-end booking and accounting flows for card and card + miles payment, flight & ancillary products and voluntary and involuntary change scenarios.

In partnership with APG, Centrecom, NiiT and Orchestra as IT Provider, APG Airlines has piloted ONE Order concepts and schemas in the area of interline and code-share.

The main objectives of the pilot were to have a better understanding of ONE Order concepts and workflows and have a first evaluation of the IT impacts on the APG Distribution Platform to implement ONE Order.


The aim of this pilot is to integrate Navitaire’s Travel Commerce Plus Order Management System (OMS) and SkyLedger (Navitaire Revenue Accounting System) using ONE Order messaging standards. 

The initial use case tested via this pilot is focused on Orders that include non-flight ancillaries and covers a basic end-to-end booking to accounting flow.


In partnership with Lufthansa Systems and JR Technologies, Lufthansa has piloted ONE Order concepts and schemas in the area of delivery and accounting.  Read the Lufthansa case study (pdf).

The main objective of the pilot was to establish a seamless end-to-end ONE Order–based processing and fulfillment of NDC offers. This included a Wi-Fi voucher as a third-party ancillary service and demonstrated the ability to act within a legacy independent system environment – still connecting to regular operations of scheduled flights.


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