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ONE Record

One step closer to digital cargo 

Part of Simplifying the Business Cargo (StB Cargo), the ONE Record project will drive paperless processes and create a plug & play environment where companies can connect and re-connect their digital relations with ease. 

The ultimate vision for ONE Record is an end-to-end digital logistics and transport supply chain where data is easily and transparently exchanged in a digital ecosystem of air cargo stakeholders, communities and data platforms. 



The e-freight program has created the foundations of the digitalization of the air cargo industry, driving the transformation of the industry with electronic processes and systems. ONE Record does not replace e-freight messaging, but evolves from it. Whereas e-freight is based on message exchange, today’s digital infrastructure is built on data sharing, made possible by the maturity of web technology, cloud hosting and distributed databases.

With ONE Record, logistics and transport partners will be able to combine their shipment data into a “single shipment record”. This will significantly improve shipment data quality and availability.  

Key enablers

  • Data standards: a clear data governance needs to be defined, including data ownership. The data should be only provided once to the supply chain by the data owner, to ensure data quality and accuracy and eliminate duplication. A data dictionary should be available for standardization.
  • Data connectivity: the sharing of data should involve all participants of the supply chain, from shipper to consignee. Data should be accessible through a common protocol:  web API (Application Programming Interface). This API should be defined based on the air cargo business requirements. Security and data access rules will be paramount.
  • Single shipment record: by accessing relevant data from the stakeholders, we will be able to create virtual single shipment records that combine all relevant shipment data without duplication and with clear ownership.

2018 objectives 

  • Mobilize the air cargo stakeholders towards the ONE Record vision
  • Develop a standard for the single digital shipment record
  • Develop common data access standard (API)

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