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​​​​​IATA is working to lower industry costs and improve the passenger travel experience. Our mission is to help transform the air transport value chain, covering the following areas:   

Airline Distribution: Ticketing (JPTC), Reservations (RESCOM), Passenger Tariffs, BSP Reporting, New Distribution Capability (NDC) and more.

Passenger Experience: Addresses the end-to-end passenger journey through the Passenger Experience Management Group (PEMG), several other working groups and various projects such as Fast Travel, Common Use Working Group, Travel Communication and Passenger Facilitation.

Baggage Services: Delivering Baggage Services to the industry, including standards and baggage quality ensuring an efficient and hassle free journey.​

Passenger Data: IATA has an aggressive agenda for improving the methods of dealing with Passenger Data​, aiming to harmonize systems, set forward-looking standards, and educate countries on the existence of international standards.

Interline standards

​In each of these areas of activities, IATA supports the industry through delivering:

Passenger Services Conference (PSC): Decision body on recommendations from related Working Groups

Products & Services

 Sales will enlist with IATA, and provide relevant information about their payment products.


Our mission is to represent, lead and serve the airline industry

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