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IOSA Audit program documentation

You can find here all documentation related to the implementation and renewal of your IOSA audit. You can either view or download the documents. You can also subscribe to be notified, via email, of any new document added.

icon (v41)-Conformance Report-Template-ISM-Ed-13 TR2019-4.zip7/12/2019
icon Auditing Effectiveness - Operator Guidance (Video).zip5/23/2019
icon Digital Transformation Strategy Paper.pdf5/9/2018
icon IATA Reference Manual for Audit Programs (IRM) Ed 10.pdf8/29/2019
icon IGOM-8-Gap-Analysis-Checklist.xlsm6/13/2019
icon IOSA Audit Handbook - Tables and MOs -(IAH) Ed 13 - July 2019.pdf7/17/2019
icon IOSA Audit Handbook Procedures and Guidance (IAH) Ed 10.pdf8/27/2019
icon IOSA General Presentation for Airlines.zip5/9/2018
icon IOSA Operator Alert 4 IOSA General Presentation for Operators.zip5/9/2018
icon IOSA Operator Alert 10 - Auditing Effectiveness.pdf5/1/2019
icon IOSA Operator Alert 11 - CR vs Internal Auditing.pdf8/14/2019
icon IOSA Operator Alert 2 -IAH provisions suspension - signed.zip5/9/2018
icon IOSA Operator Alert 3 - IOSA Standards Manual in XML Format.zip5/9/2018
icon IOSA Operator Alert 7- ISM Temporary Revision 2018-1.zip8/17/2018
icon IOSA Operator Alert 8 - Auditing Effectiveness.pdf1/4/2019
icon IOSA Operator Alert 9 - Suspension of the B737MAX.pdf3/15/2019
icon IOSA Program Manual (IPM) Ed 11.pdf6/28/2019
icon IOSA Regulatory Creoss Reference Lists ISM Ed 13.zip10/17/2019
icon IOSA Self-Evaluation Form.zip5/9/2018
icon IOSA Standards Manual (ISM) Ed 13.pdf4/30/2019
icon IOSA_Audit Software Auditee_Manual_Ed1 - February 2019.pdf6/13/2019
icon IOSA-Vision.zip5/9/2018
icon ISM Ed 13 TR2019-4 MS Word Checklist.zip8/28/2019
icon ISM Temporary Revision 2019-5.pdf8/30/2019
icon ISM Temporary Revision 2019-6.pdf9/17/2019
icon ISM TR 2019-3.pdf5/29/2019
icon ISM TR 2019-4 (Correction).pdf5/30/2019
icon ISM.F04 - MNT Aircraft Systems Equipment (Table 4.11 and 4.14).xlsx8/30/2019

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