IATA conferences, exhibitions and industry meetings provide organizations active in air transport with an essential arena for insight, discussion and cooperation on new technologies and industry-related issues.

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World Cargo Symposium

- 10 - 12 March - Istanbul, Turkey

The World Cargo Symposium is the largest and most prestigious event of its kind. The 2019 edition took place in March 2019 in Singapore

  • Cargo


- 24 - 25 March - Lima, Peru

The WMO-IATA WICAP workshop on AMDAR will provide the airlines with practical information on how to join and benefit from the Aircraft Meteorological Data Relay System AMDAR which will positively impact their aviation weather forecasting enhancing safety and flight operations efficiency.

  • Safety & Flight Operations

Safety and Flight Ops Conference

- 31 March - 2 April - Baku, Azerbaijan

The Safety and Flight Ops Conference is IATA’s main vehicle to interact with the aviation industry on all issues related to safety, operations and infrastructure

  • Airport Infrastructure
  • Operations
  • Safety & Flight Operations

Wings of Change Americas

- 1 - 2 April - Santiago, Chile

The IATA Wings of Change (WoC) is a major regional event that brings together the leaders of Latin America air transport industry to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the aviation industry.

  • Value of Aviation
  • Law & Regulations

CNS Partnership Conference

- 26 - 28 April - Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

The CNS Partnership Conference continues to be the premier cargo event, keeping members up-to-date and connected with the latest developments in the air cargo industry.

  • Cargo


- 17 - 20 May - Mexico City, Mexico

IGHC is premier ground handling conference including the Ground Ops Executive Summit (GOES). Introducing and expanding on Connected Ecological Digital Autonomous Ramp - CEDAR, ground operations safety, IGOM and training program implementation.

  • Operations

Aviation Fuel Forum

- 19 - 21 May - Berlin, Germany

The bi-annual IATA Aviation Fuel Forum is the premier industry meeting for the world's aviation fuel community

  • Operations

Sustainable Aviation Fuel Symposium

- 21 - 22 May - Berlin, Germany

​​​​​​​The IATA Alternative Fuel Symposium is a platform to exchange on the latest developments in sustainable aviation fuel

  • Environment
  • Operations

Global Training Conference

- 26 - 29 May - Paris, France

The Global Training Conference is an opportunity for professionals in training, and personnel development to discuss latest trends in training

  • Other

Aviation Data Symposium

- 10 - 12 June - San Francisco, USA

The Aviation Data Symposium is the forum to share thoughts and experience and learn from industry leaders how to take full advantage of the power of big data.

  • Airline Distribution
  • Cargo
  • Digital Transformation
  • Safety & Flight Operations