​​​​​​​Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the eAWBLink industry tool.


How can I register to eAWBLink?

Submit your registration request via the eAWBLink registration form.

What happens once my registration request is submitted?

IATA will send you the eAWBLink Terms of service agreement (and Multilateral e-AWB Agreement, if applicable) for e-signature and also the payment instructions. Once e-signature and payment are completed, you will receive your username and first-time password.

How can I pay for my subscription?

You can pay by Bank Transfer or by using your Credit card.

What is a DUNS number?

The Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) D-U-N-S Number is a unique nine-digit identifier for businesses. Check if your company has a DUNS number.

Is the DUNS number mandatory for eAWBLink registration?


Is it mandatory to join the Multilateral e-AWB Agreement to use eAWBLink?

Yes, unless you have already signed a Bilateral e-AWB Agreement with your Airline partner(s).

I have not yet signed the Multilateral e-AWB Agreement, can I still register?

Yes, you will be sent the Multilateral e-AWB Agreement for e-signature prior.

Can I use e-AWB if I have already signed the Multilateral e-AWB Agreement?

Yes, subject to having received an Activation Notice from your airline partner.

What is an Activation Notice and why is it important?

An Activation Notice is a formal notification issued by Airlines to indicate to Freight forwarders the mutually agreed location(s) and start date(s) for e-AWB implementation.

For more information, please see FAQ on Activation.

Is an Activation Notice necessary before starting e-AWB?

Yes. Pursuant to Article 3.1 of the Multilateral e-AWB Agreement, freight forwarders can only provide cargo shipments to participating Airlines once an Activation Notice is issued.

Can I start e-AWB with airlines right away after I receive access to eAWBLink?

No. Prior to sending e-AWB to an airline, you need to confirm airline is willing to conduct business with you electronically.This is achieved by using the Activation process.

Will I automatically receive Airline stock by selecting Airline at time of registration?
A. No. You need to contact Airline to request AWB stock as you do currently. Once received, you can manage the AWB stock in eAWBLink.

Logging In

How do I login to eAWBLink?

Go to https://www.eawbling.org

How do I get my username and password?

A. You will receive your username and password after registration and payment process is completed. You need to change your password upon logging in first time.

I forgot my password, help!

Go to the eAWBLink Login page and click Forgot Password. Follow the on-screen prompts.

I forgot my username, help!

A. Your username is your e-mail address.

Air Waybill (AWB)

How can I create a new e-AWB?
Click Create AWB from menu to start.

How can I save myAWB number?
Type the AWB number and then click Save.

When entering AWB number I get error message: Invalid Airline Code. Help!
You need to add airline to your company profile.

How can I select next AWB number from Stock?
Click Use Stock, then select Airline,and then click Use AWB Number.

How can I send my AWB data to airline?
After creating AWB, click Submit to send data to airline.

Can I cancel an AWB?
Yes, click Delete (bottom of screen).

Are the TACT Rates auto-populated?
No. You can enter your own rates.

How do I enter rating details for shipment with multiple dimensions?
You can enter each dimension on separate rating line.

How can I enter Other Charges?
Type the code or the charge description and matching code will be displayed for selection.

I have an Other Charge code from airline not found in list. How can I use this code?
Contact eawlink@iata.org to add this code for you.

How is the currency selected for my shipment?
System auto-selects currency based on Airport of Origin, and you can change if needed.

When creating AWB, how can I search for a Shipper I entered before?
Click the Search button (magnifying glass) and enter name of shipper in the window that appears.

Can I edit Shipper/Consignee details?
Yes. From main menu, click Shipper/Consignee. Locate the record and edit.

Can I change the Issuing Carrier's Name and Address?
Yes, click on the plus (+) sign and then add the Carrier name and address.

Can I see the data entered looks on a paper AWB?
Yes,click the Preview button (bottom of screen).

How is the default currency populated?
Based on the Airport of origin.

Can I change the currency?

Can I have USD as default currency for my AWBs?
Yes, by using Templates to create new AWBs.

Where can I enter Tax amount?
You can enter the amount directly in the Tax box (under Charge Summary section).

I do not remember the AWB number, can I search by Shipper/Consignee?
A. You can search by Orign, Destination, Airline, Departure Date, or by using any combination of these.

Can I clear the Shipper/Consignee entered on an AWB?
A. Yes, click Clear All button.

How can I I delete Shipper/Consignee record?
A. Go to Shipper/Consignee screen, search for record, then click Delete icon

Can I change direct AWB to Master AWB (Consol)?
A. No

Can I change MAWB (Consol) to direct AWB?
A. Yes, remove the attached HAWB

How to manage shipments likely to change between direct AWB to Master AWB (Consol)?
A. Create a Master AWB. If there is HAWB linked, it will be sent as Consol. If there is no HAWB linked, it will be sent as direct AWB.

I am not able to enter special characters, help!
A. Use of special characters is restricted. Only . (dot), (space), and - (dash) are permitted.

I am not able to enter special characters, help!
A. Use of special characters is restricted. Only . (dot), (space), and - (dash) are permitted.

I submitted e-AWB to airline, but they have not received, help!
A. Please contact airline, provide your PIMA address and ask them to enable electronic/EDI messaging for your company.

How can I find status of my shipment?

A. Go to Track Shipments, enter your AWB number and click Search.

I am not able to see any status updates for my shipment, help!
A. It is likely because ayour airline partner has not sent any FSU messages.

I am not receiving status updates from airline, help!
A. Contact your airline partner and request to send you following FSU (Status) messages: FOH, RCS, DEP, ARR, TFD, RCF, NFD, DLV.

Which FSU (Status) messages are available?
A. FOH (Freight on hand), RCS (Ready for Carriage), DEP (Departed), ARR (Arrived), TFD (Transferred from Flight), RCF (Received from Flight), NFD (Notied for delivery), DLV (Delivered).

I have created an AWB. I can locate it under the “Search” section, however cannot find it under the “Print” section.
A. You need to submit the AWB. Then it will be available under Print.

Master Air Waybill (MAWB)

What is difference between AWB and MAWB?
You can use MAWB for consolidation shipments (with House Waybills).

How can I create a MAWB?
From main menu, click Master Air Waybill.

How do I link House Waybills to my MAWB?
Go to MAWB screen and click Link HAWB.

How can I view the HAWBs linked to my MAWB?
Open the MAWB record and click View HAWB.

House Waybill (HAWB)

How can I create new HAWB?

A. From main menu, click House Waybill.

Does my HAWB have to be numeric?
No. It can be mixed, alphabets (A through Z) and numeric (0 through to 9),up to a maximum of 12 characters.

Can I add stock for HAWBs?
A. No.


How can I create e-CSD?
e-CSD is added to an AWB.There are 2 ways: (1) Click Create AWB and click Add e-CSD (2) Click on main menu and then click e-CSD.

How can I send e-CSD to airline?
e-CSD data is sent as part of AWB submission.

I can't find Send button on e-CSD screen?
This is because e-CSD is sent as part of AWB only.

Can I submit AWB to airline and then add e-CSD to to it later?
Yes, you can add e-CSD and then re-submit AWB to airline.

Can I preview e-CSD data in paper layout?
Yes, click Preview (bottom of screen).

Can I print paper e-CSD?

User management

How can I give access to more users in my company?
Go to Settings, User Profile​ and click​ Add New User. ​

How many users can I add?
You can have total of 3 users per subscription (including Admin).

How can I update my company's IATA Agent code?
Go to Settings > Company Profile. Add IATA Agent code and then click Modify.

How can I add new airline to my company's profile?
Go to Settings > Company Profile. Click Add/Remove Airlines and select airline. Click Update and then click Modify. ​