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Technical fuel operations encompass a wide range of safety and quality challenges for airlines: fuel contamination, fuel storage and distribution, fuel disruptions, compliance with technical standards, etc. 

To support the airline industry, IATA collaborates with fuel experts and suppliers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), standard and regulatory bodies such as ASTM, JIG, A4A, FAA and EASA to develop best practices aligned with fuel specification worldwide. IATA also campaigns to develop Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) to contribute to the reduction of aviation emissions.

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Fuel Quality 

IATA Fuel Quality Pool is a group of airlines that actively share fuel inspection reports and workload at airport locations worldwide. The IFQP has demonstrated significant bottom line savings for the more than 200 members.  

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Fuel Contamination   

IATA Microbial Panel addresses concerns and disseminates IATA Guidance Material of Microbial Contamination in Aircraft Fuel Tanks which provides comprehensive information on causes, risks, treatment, test methods and guidelines for fuel handling, storage, and distribution to minimize the risk of microbial contamination.

Fuel Disruption

The IATA Global Fuel Portal (IGFP) is a web-based platform allowing you to access real-time aviation fuel disruption alerts. A vital communication tool for the fuel community, it supports quick decision-making during critical fueling evetns at over 4000 airports worldwide.

Access to IGFP is free.

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Technical Fuel Group (TFG)


The Technical Fuel Group (TFG) working under the Operations Advisory Council (OAC) consists of a group of experts which IATA involve for advice on all matters that relate to the technical aspects of aviation fuel worldwide to investigate all fuel related incidents and accidents and make recommendations to enhance the safety of the fuelling operation.

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Strategic Partnerships

Collaborate with other airline fuel purchasing decision-makers, to discuss specific airline industry related matters with the aviation fuel community and address matters of common interest.

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