The Slot Conference (SC) is a working conference. As part of the slot process, the purpose of this voluntary assembly of both IATA and non-IATA airlines worldwide is to provide a forum for the allocation of slots at fully coordinated airports (Level 3), and for the reaching of consensus on the schedule adjustments necessary to conform to airport capacity limitations (Level 2).

The twice-yearly (June and November) Slot Conference is one of IATA's largest events. The Conference operating procedures are published in the Worldwide Airport Slot Guidelines (WASG).

Slot Conferences

If you would like information on hosting the Slot Conference or have a proposal for a future venue please email IATA Management for the Slot Conference Handbook. This document lists the Slot Conference logistical and technical specifications required to produce this business meeting.

For further information please consult the Attending the Slot Conference (pdf) and how to get the most out of the conference (pdf).