Airlines, freight forwarders, ground handlers and shippers like you rely on the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (IATA DGR) manual every day to make sure dangerous goods are transported safely and efficiently.

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The DGR is available in several languages in digital and printed formats. Please write to us for Chinese or Japanese versions of the DGR. We recommend digital for its search and automatic updates. And, it's cheaper.

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What's inside the DGR?

  • Applicability - (shipper and operator responsibilities, training, security, incident reporting)
  • Limitations - (forbidden and hidden goods, storage and transport quantities, transport by post, transport by passengers/crew)
  • Classification - (explosives, gases, flammable, toxic, oxidizing, radioactive and corrosive and multiple hazard material)
  • Packing Instructions - (explosives, gases, flammable, toxic, infectious, oxidizing, radioactive and corrosive and multiple hazard material)
  • Packaging Specifications - (inner, UN, construction and testing, limited quantity)
  • Documentation - (shipper’s declaration, air waybill)
  • Handling - (storage, loading, inspection, information provision, reporting, training, document retention)
  • Radioactive material - (transport, limitations, classification, identification, packing, testing, labelling, documentation, handling)

Still not sure if the DGR is for you? Download the full table of contents with 15 sample pages (PDF):


The DGR is published every year

Customers using the most updated regulations experience fewer delays, fines, and lost contracts. Each year, significant changes are done to procedures and regulations, that's why we publish a new version of the DGR every year.

Find out what’s new this year and download the significant changes to the 63rd edition (PDF):

The PDF is available in English, French, German, Russian and Spanish.