Transporting healthcare products by air requires complex logistical processes, specific equipment, storage facilities, harmonized handling procedures to maintain shipment integrity. ​

The Temperature Control Regulations (TCR) is a comprehensive guide designed to enable stakeholders involved in the transport and handling of pharmaceutical products to safely meet the requirements.

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In response to the industry's need and request for a standalone regulation, all content related to the transport and handling of perishable products was extracted into the standalone specialized publication, Perishable Control Regulations (PCR).

Main features of the Temperature Control Regulations (TCR):

  • Provides the requirements and standards for the transportation and handling of time and temperature sensitive healthcare products, including pharmaceutical product information
  • Contains the most current and efficient practices for pharmaceutical operations in compliance with international or local regulations

The whole supply chain can benefit from using the TCR as it provides the essential operational/procedural requirements for all parties involved in the packaging, handling and transport of pharmaceutical and healthcare products to ultimately ensure patient safety. The parties involved include:

  • Pharmaceutical shippers
  • Freight forwarders
  • Ground handlers
  • Airlines


In the 2020 edition, there are a number of notable changes including:

  • Providing the pharmaceutical industry with specific business expectations in the TCR Chapter 17 when applying IATA Special Handling Codes
  • Enhancing the requirements to include a 24h emergency contact and their coordinates to be specified on the Air Waybill
  • Amendments and updates to the IATA CEIV Pharma Guidelines and Audit Checklist


Temperature Control Regulations
8th edition *** effective as of January 2020 ***

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