The IATA MRO SmartHub Consignment extension eases handling consignment projects with partners through a full-featured project cockpit. This cockpit is designed to make every process step more efficient and more transparent for both the consignor and the consignee. The Consignment extension is part of the Connector module and all processes and interfaces are completely integrated.

The Consignment extension can handle multiple projects simultaneously even if different consignees are involved. Everything within a project is kept private and secure between the consignor and his consignment partner. The consignor can create new consignment projects and is able to continuously update the content of the projects. The IATA MRO SmartHub keeps track of changes within consignment projects.

The first step is the pricing step. Consignor and consignee can mutually agree on expected pricing for the parts within the IATA MRO SmartHub using the project cockpit. The online chat function provides a dedicated communication stream for every consignment project. If the consignment partners agree on the pricing, the consigned parts can be made available on the IATA MRO SmartHub directly from the cockpit. If consigned parts are sold externally, the consignee can enter the transaction details into the respective forms in the cockpit. The consignor will then be able to see the completed transactions in their consignment cockpit.

The key benefits for consignor and consignee are:


  • Simplified communication
  • Effortless integration into existing processes
  • Full control and visibility of updates through online communication features and a real-time cockpit including statistics and analyses
  • Evaluator features can be integrated to support pricing decisions

With the effortless integration possibilities, IATA MRO SmartHub customers can integrate the Consignment extension into their existing IT systems and processes to easily manage the scope of their consignment projects. The mission of the IATA MRO SmartHub Consignment extension is to simplify interactions, support pricing and streamline communication.